The site style is also what sums up the about of it’s origin; focus on liberty. It’s a personal passion, developed perhaps as nothing more than a rarely visited blog featuring the rantings of an old, frustrated VFW dude. Daily news is filled with misdirection and distractions from events altering our ability to understand, let alone sustain and improve, our social contract. This site is a culmination of over 60 years (and counting) of researching, debating, sharing, presenting, writing about, teaching, and researching more about the science of government and why we are the way we are today.

My dance with history finally brings me to a point where I want a place to put lessons my wife and I have developed, and taught while those participating truly enjoyed and grew in their ability to focus on liberty. Because of this, visitors and those who wish to register will find courses. Over time I would hope to lure others to develop and share courses as well, there are so many who know so much with no simple forum to discuss and share their journey. This, perhaps, may one day be such a forum

I tired of all the email newsletters from sources I respect so I wanted a place for all the RSS feeds available so I can simply come here to find interesting, more liberty focused news and opinions. Thus people will find a page of RSS Feeds and are welcomed to help me add to it.

I’m also frustrated with how ‘debates’ and ‘discussions’ take place on social media platforms today. Threads whiz by with flame and false focus, facts, or respect for one another. Even if a good discussion is found, soon some ‘troll’ or another comes to the thread with an eye on unraveling it. Forums will have many places to discuss near anything imaginable. There’s even a debate hall with a stage ready for weekly and quarterly debate challenges. Will participants find their way to the discussions or will any ever step upon the stage? It is one of the things I would like to see…I miss a spirited, knowledge enhancing discussions, while debating really can be a great way to stir the brain juices, win – lose – or draw.

One other area I wanted was a reference and resource area to easily tap very important historical information that is as close to events as possible. There can never be too many places where these resources, especially those historically known to shape human thinking and progress, to reside. Many are under assault from revisionist associations, hopefully some who embrace different beliefs or convictions will fully participate as well. People need to study together, talk together, and work together to sustain a societal focus on liberty, just look how hard sustaining personal liberty is – now multiply it and you start to get a glimpse at some of the ‘why’ in our evolution as societal beings.

These are some of the reasons Focus on Liberty is being developed. It may grow to be a very enjoyable, well-rounded associations of people who embrace freedom and work at improving self-governing liberty. Perhaps it will simply be a place where I rant with the wind, debate the light of day, and study throughout the night alone. Luckily, being born under the sign of Gemini, there are at least two of me and we’ve been debating and arguing for years so some things may not change but it’ll all be in a single site with a focus on liberty.