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201 as a farmer||keeping house||working on farm HOLLOPETER, Isaiah (I35480571)
202 as a farmer||keeping house||working on farm and in school||working on farm, in school and has dropsy||in school STICKLE, William (I35480400)
203 as a farmer||keeping house||working on farm||working on farm and in school||in school||as a farm laborer STICKLE, Abraham Bentzley (I35480401)
204 as a farmer||keeping house||working on the farm and in school STICKEL, Mary Ann (I35481559)
205 as a fruit farmer STICKEL, James F. (I35480727)
206 as a garage keeper STALDER, Roy F. (I35480393)
207 as a grocery salesman||in school DRESBACK, James H. (I35480886)
208 as a harness maker||keeping house CRAWFORD, George (I35480428)
209 as a high school principal||as a rural school music teacher STICKEL, Arthur L. (I35480435)
210 as a landlord||as a book merchant STICKEL, Isaiah (I35480726)
211 as a lawyer BARNES, John G. (I35480413)
212 as a lawyer||in school BARNES, John G. (I35480413)
213 as a lightning rod peddler||keeping house KROELL, Charles (I35480489)
214 as a lumber company salesman STICKEL, Fletcher Allyn (I35480709)
215 as a lumber dealer STICKEL, Walter Leroy (I35480389)
216 as a manufacturer METCALF, William E. (I35480785)
217 as a manufacturer||keeping house||in school||as a dry goods retailer HEIKES, Lewis W. (I35481444)
218 as a merchant||as a farmer and merchant||keeping house STICKEL, Isaiah (I35480726)
219 as a merchant||in school||as a clerk STICKEL, Daniel (I35480721)
220 as a Methodist Episcopal Preacher||as a school teacher||in school HOLLOPETER, Andrew (I35480568)
221 as a miner||as a laborer STICKLE, William (I35480400)
222 as a music store piano tuner||as a newspaper reporter ZIEGLER, Edwin Earl (I35480425)
223 as a novelist LYNDE, Francis H. (I35480453)
224 as a nurse||as a factory shipping clerk BOGLE, Ada (I35480479)
225 as a packing company president||in school BOWMAN, George Clarendon (I35478584)
226 as a packing house general manager||as a china painting artist SEYMOUR, Earl R. (I35480704)
227 as a packing plant manager SEYMOUR, Earl R. (I35480704)
228 as a physician||in school||as a laborer CAMERON, Alexander Clark (I35480858)
229 as a Pike's Peak miner||in school MCWHIRT, John T. (I35481138)
230 as a police sergeant NICKSON, Cuthbert (I35480605)
231 as a post office clerk HOLLIDAY, Ivar Grant (I35478565)
232 as a poultry dealer STICKEL, Joseph Ray (I35480358)
233 as a poultry salesman KROELL, Charles (I35480489)
234 as a preacher||as a farmer||in school WILSON, James J. (I35480748)
235 as a radio manufacturer salesman||as an auto club stenographer||in school STICKEL, Guy Harold (I35480609)
236 as a railroad mechanical engineer||in school HAIG, Maham Hume (I35480699)
237 as a railroad yard switchman KROELL, Louis F. (I35480492)
238 as a resident of the Armour Home EVERINGHAM, John Judson (I35478577)
239 as a retail grocery store merchant||in school DRESBACK, James H. (I35480886)
240 as a retired banker||keeping house||attending school SEYMOUR, Thomas Fletcher (I35480356)
241 as a retired farmer||keeping house||as a seamstress||working in a flouring mill||as a tailoress who cannot write STICKEL, John (I35480719)
242 as a retired physician||keeping house WARD, Christopher (I35480889)
243 as a secretary||in school STICKEL, Merton J. (I35480441)
244 as a shingle wholesale dealer STICKEL, Fletcher Allyn (I35480663)
245 as a stair builder ZIEGLER, Uriah (I35480422)
246 as a stair builder||keeping house ZIEGLER, Uriah (I35480422)
247 as a state house clerk LYONS, Elias B. (I35480871)
248 as a steam railroad switchman||in school KROELL, Louis F. (I35480492)
249 as a stock raiser||in school MORRISON, William Melburn (I35481147)
250 as a street patrolman||as an auto shop electrician||as a powder company stenographer STICKEL, Lucian Clark (I35480463)

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