Happy Patriots Day to One and All

violence rises in US

“I never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as cause for withdrawing from a friend.” —Thomas Jefferson (1800)

A quote shared today in the Patriot Post reminds of our wisdom lost due to the bitter, factionally inspired, government defined divisions leading to bitterness and feuding amongst people who were both friends and family just a decade or so past.

A Framer of our early laws, once considered to be supreme Law as it is designed to control the Government, stated so clearly what factions want people to forget today – we should never forget. Withdrawing from friendships, so valuable for humans, should never be over disagreements in our core gears, those of politics, religion, or philosophy.

Our beliefs in these areas are as varied as the leaves of trees yet we should never leave bare our friendships for the leaves change their color throughout our lives, our seasons that tend to sharpen our reasons if we but continually study and learn.

Rarely do we believe the same in these areas through the decades of our life. Our learning and knowledge, our environment, our very soul grows and our beliefs in these areas grow.

In my youth I believed in two-party politics and despite my families strong Democrat roots, I found myself aligned with the Republican party. By 12 I was working on my first campaign, in 1972, and my family was shocked, but I was not cast out, nor criticized, nor loved any less. I was only asked not to leave campaign literature laying around the house, I thought that fair.

I now KNOW factions destroy our LIBERTY for their greed and power desire outweigh common, human decency. Our God’s Golden Rule is nothing for political puppets, they live for the Rule of Gold, as do the crony-capitalist empire driving them onward toward globalization, suffrage for all, open borders, and more that secure bureaucratic socialism on much of our lives today.

When we are confused today, when we are learning today, the Donkey and the Elephant want us to turn anywhere for council except to the one place we should always be safe in talking politics, religion and philosophy – our family and friends.

My grandparents taught their children to not talk politics and religion, it is too emotional, causing too much conflict. This is the saddest thing our wonderful grandparents taught our parents who taught us to teach our children. It left our precious Posterity to turn to the very wolves who desire to eat them, and they are consuming them before our very eyes, on the very stage these political hucksters and greedy thieves control.

Today is Patriots Day – the day brave humans fell at Lexington in defense of what used to be so precious!

LIBERTY and the RIGHT to govern ourselves, our families, and our daily affairs. In these heated, dangerous, and sacrificial years neighbors belonging to the militia that day disagreed on politics, religion, and philosophy. Yet they united in friendship and the desire for their children, and for you and me, to be free.

Since politicians, bureaucrats, and crony-capitalists fear such folly as LIBERTY they will not be talking of Patriots Day much today, if at all. Many who do will simply twist it as they do so much of our heritage. For those ignoring it they do so as easily as they ignore our Constitution’s original intent, as easily as they take their Oath of Office knowing they despise supreme Law.

“I never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as cause for withdrawing from a friend.” —Thomas Jefferson (1800)