This is the first year the NFL season begins without me

NFL Season

This is the first year the NFL season begins without me.  I thought I’d be back this year but early preseason antics have shown me there’s too much non-sports drama and not enough sports for yet another season.

I don’t care if people want to take a knee in protest for their cause as long as I’m not also helping fund their commentary through scant entertainment dollar investments in their game. Taking out a signature loan to afford seats so we can cheer on our team starts out with a protest and the balls not even in play yet.  The grandkids, confused, are unsure why they should love this team over ‘those other guys’ and it is hard for this grandpa to explain.

Now that Matt Stafford is the highest paid QB ever (yeah, how’d that happen and why are we still watching?) and BLM wants everyone to believe the NFL is racist against dark pigmentation I’m left to realize these folks don’t care about rivalry, community pride, or the thrill of victory. The agony of my defeat is deeply tied to the money, attitudes, and careless thoughts about fans that is driving me further from any pro sports while impacting my deep enjoyment of college sports at the same time.

Stop Subsidizing Sports Teams

Seeing the Reason TV video on the poor investment communities continue to make in their drive to bring pro sports to our towns makes me realize these old favorites of mine (NFL, NBA, MLB – my big three) have been taking us on an emotional fleecing for some time. Living off our memories of past glory days when we bled our team’s colors and felt their happiness and bitter pain makes it hard to understand but it is sinking in.  Teams today don’t care about fans, they care about politics and money, market share, and finding ways to pay the ever growing salaries of the professionals ready to play for pay fans are increasingly struggling to cover.

It was easy to fleece the population when we were embroiled in the deeply emotional victory or devastating, bitter defeat of our teams during the latest championship run. But the facade is exposed through political analysis rather than sports analysis and pre-game protests tearing at the fan’s enjoyment of simply being at the game, preparing for kickoff. Behind the veneer is reality, sports are no longer fun, far too expensive, and nothing but another breeding grounds for those spoiled in our society that also hate the society that has spoiled them.  Sports organizations now believe they should boycott cities and states over voter driven rules and laws the ownership trusts behind sports may not agree with (though usually for money reasons more than idealogy).

NFL & Sports a Hard Habit to Break

Sports is a hard habit to break. I still check MLB scores to see how the Dodgers are doing, still get a bit of concern when I hear about the latest injury to the Lakers, or hear about the AP Top 25 getting ready to rank the teams for our upcoming college season. I’ve been doing it for over 50 years so forgive me if I still get a twinge of excitement, old memories of listening to the ballgame on the radio with family and friends still haunt me.

But I know sports (especially pro sports) offers me or my family no return on our investment in them today. Today we’re offered a chance to spend dollars we really don’t have to cheer for people who really don’t care about our family struggling to buy tickets for their sport. It is their sport after all and the fans can simply pay the price to see them protest before they play or find another hobby. Awakening from a decade’s long sports addiction I’m learning there’s plenty more relaxing, less expensive things to do with family and friends.