Liberty is Our Right - Freedom Our Responsibility

In order to learn from history we must have a solid understanding of the facts while discussing what we learn to grow the understanding further. A lot of the focus at Views on Our World are dedicated to these two important aspects of learning from history's lessons, striving for understanding while discussing with all who care as we strive to keep American Federalism alive. Human nature has changed little and liberty still is possible through self-government.

4 % of regulations and laws passed by Congress
96 % of regulations and laws passed by bureaucrats
178277 Pages of Federal Regulations as of 2015
74608 Pages in the Federal Income Tax Code as of 2015

Recent Views & Rants

A few of the many views & rants you will find - it's okay to talk about it, even to disagree, but acceptance is not an option.

Mother Earth Loses if Indivisible Project Wins

Indivisible Project is an organization designed to “change the conversation about our country’s values and ultimately take power in government at every level to make it responsive to those values.”

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Vape Shop Owners Silenced

Shania Twain Inspires and Anarchist dogs of Indivisible Attack


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violence rises in US

Happy Patriots Day to One and All

Patriots Day is a day to remember LIBERTY and the RIGHT to govern ourselves, our families, and our daily affairs. Patriots who were neighbors of the militia disagreed on politics, religion, and philosophy. Yet they united in friendship and the desire for their children, and for you and me, to be free.

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